Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boob Baby Hat!

The newest listed Item in the shop! The Boob Baby Hat!  This will make a 

great gift for breast feeding mothers. The Boob Baby hat is a sweet little 

hand-crocheted hat for kiddos that looks like a breast, making it a pretty 

hilarious way to breastfeed in public. 

Order Here!

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Cat Skeeter!

So I have a big fat lazy cat named Skeeter.  He likes to come in the bedroom at night and climb on my chest and get my attention.  Sometimes I am busy working on an order.  It is almost like he thinks "Oh, she wants to work on this hat, I don't thinks so!"  He just plops down on my work!

Then he realized I was taking a picture of him. So he then got very "hamish"

and decided to completely lay all over what I was working on.

I wouldn't have him any other way.  I love my Skeeter!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Little Baby Sweater

Some of you may remember me making this cute little sweater for a friends baby girl Jayla a few months ago.

I since then have added a few cute little flowers at the top.  I was finally able to go see Jayla yesterday, and the sweater fits :)

Isn't she adorable. I will be working on a cute little lady bug outfit for her photo shoot!

Monday, September 10, 2012

My crazy great-niece Serenity :)

I attempted to get some pictures of some new hats I have made.  My (almost) 2 yr old great niece was always such a good little model.

Here is a pic of her last year...

And then this year.............. This is what i get. :)

We couldn't get her to stay still with a hat on for anything!  We did get a few good ones..........

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cupcake Hat

Cupcake Hat by MadewithLoveCrochet
Cupcake Hat, a photo by MadewithLoveCrochet on Flickr.

Picking Colors that go well together

Picking which colors go well together is much easier than most people think. The key to choosing the right colors for the right occasions is all about the color wheel.

A couple of basic rules: Gray & White are neutral colors. They go with any color in the rainbow. 

The most basic color match is to keep items within the same color family, but different shades.  Wearing colors that are varying degrees of depth and darkness is considered a monochromatic look. This is a sophisticated and conservative look, but that is never a bad thing.

Looking at a color wheel you can see that each color has its opposite and complimentary color. Going around the circle the complimentary color is the one that is directly opposite it on the other side of the wheel. Purple is opposite yellow, blue is opposite orange, red is opposite green, etc. This is a simple complimentary color match and will always work in fashion. This also explains why light green and pink match so well.

Now looking at the color wheel, draw a balanced triangle in the color wheel and those three colors all match each other. Take for example: Blue, Yellow and Red. They form a basic color triangle that will match the colors well.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Picking Colors for Custom Orders

Have you ever custom ordered a hand made item, only to get it in the mail and it wasn't really the colors you would have liked, the blue wasn't dark enough, or the yellow was too bright?

Here is a great tool for choosing colors for your custom made crochet products. 

This is the Yarn I use nine times out of ten for my hats. 100% Acrylic Yarn.

Red Heart also offers a soft acrylic yarn.

By using the chart, you are able to give a number code of the color you are choosing, when placing your order.

It also helps me to know exactly the right shade of the color you are asking for. :)